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Android & iOS

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Multiplayer, Party Game

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Play with friends and find the AI Player

In this fun game you can play with friends and challenge them to find the AI player to win the round and emerge victorious! The goal of the game is to write the continuation of a random text prompt, each player will write his own and then you'll be challenged to select the text that is not written by any of the other players, but written by an AI posing as a person !

After selecting the text you think is suspicious each person is given a point for their correct answer and no points for not selecting the undecover AI message, points collected will accumulate into the next round and rounds are unlimited which means infinite fun with friends.

Do you think you got what it takes to collect the highest score? just gather some friends and start playing immediately on any phone!

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Free Download

Our game can be enjoyed for free, so everybody can have fun together!


Multiplayer with Friends

Create a server then invite your
friends & have a great time!


Mobile Support

The game runs on all phones so you can play with anyone anywhere!

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This is the first game created by RedSpear Studios

Making a fun game is challenging, but we at RedSpear Studios wanted our first game to be nothing less than a great game. That's why we chose to create a party game where we utilise our AI expertise to end up with a fun challenging experience that is bound to bring some laughs to any group of friends playing together.


Mohamed Ashref Ben Abdallah

Game Programmer

This game really is on another level of fun! by combining AI with videogames it truly made a unique and must have experience for all people interested in party games and having fun with friends.

By offering a fun multiplayer experience with friends mixed with AI elements, the game offers an experience that is unique to party games and also completely FREE of charge, you can find the app in the App Store so what are you waiting for? gather some friends and have a great time with our game!